Lets Ride


Recommendations for participating in Chapter Rides.

•    Make sure your motorcycle is in safe operating condition and arrive with a FULL tank of gas. 
•    We use the recommended hand signals when riding (see guide below for complete description). Please use hand signals when appropriate.This will enable the riders behind you to stay informed.
•    A group of motorcycles is not considered a “single” vehicle. Be courteous and allow cars to enter/exit a highway or change lanes. Don’t bunch up or try to block vehicles from entering the lane used by the group. Generally, car drivers will not want to drive in the middle of a group of motorcycles and will get out of the group’s lane as quickly as possible. Try to maintain a constant speed and try not to “rubber band” (i.e. speed up and slow down) 
•    Keep a safe distance behind the bike in front of you, and know the stopping power of your motorcycle. When in staggered formation, keep at least two (2) seconds behind the bike directly in front of you, and one (1) second behind the bike to the side in front of you. 
•    Try to keep the pack tight without crowding each other. Stay close through intersections and traffic lights so that the group doesn’t get separated. 
•    When in a tight curve, the rider on the outside of the curve should give room to the rider on the inside, in case a curve is too tight to negotiate. 
•    Be aware of openings around you at all times as you ride so that you will have an “escape route” to maneuver towards in case of emergency. Be aware of the riders around you, especially the one to your side, and give each other as much room to maneuver as possible in any situation. 
•    Never ride in someone’s blind spot. 
•    Bring a bottle of water. Remember to drink plenty of water at rest stops to prevent dehydration.
•    Being too hot or cold will affect how alert you are. Pack appropriate clothing such as a long sleeve cotton shirt for sun protection. You need gloves, jacket, chaps a sweatshirt and rain gear.
•    If you plan to leave the group in the middle of a ride, give the group a “thumbs up” signal to let your friends know you're okay and there’s no reason for a Ride Leader to follow you and offer assistance. 
•     If your motorcycle becomes disabled in any way, try to give the “thumbs down” signal as you leave the group. A Ride Leader will pull over and assist you. Pull over to a safe location as quickly and safely as you can,There will be a Ride Leader situated among the group and it is their job to assist you. The whole group DOES NOT PULL OVER in these situations, for the safety of the group.  
•    “Ride you’re your Own Ride!” Don’t try to ride faster than you are comfortable and don’t try to compete with other riders. Group riding is expected to be fun and safe, Novice riders are encouraged to ride in the back of the group, where there are extra Ride Leaders who will keep an eye on you and stick beside you, even if the rest of the group pulls away at a higher speed. 

•    Drinking alcohol is not tolerated before or during a ride. The Ride Leader will announce when the ride is over. Participants will then be free to make responsible beverage choices.
•    The above suggestions are offered only as an aid to enhancing your group riding experience. If you have any questions, ask your Chapter Safety Officer or any of the Ride Leader.